Jay De Silva


Jay De Silva has worked in the art-world for over 15 years. Viewing some of the world’s finest artworks has given inspiration and a passion to create his own pieces.

Jay has extensive experience in Photography and Fine Art Printing.  He has won various awards from the BIPP for his Photography work.

The Timeless series focuses on the ever changing landscape of time.  Whilst various aspects will change over the course of time, others look as though time has not altered the course of ageing and giving a Timeless effect, a constant.

The works embody this motion of Timeless.



The “Wave” series features a constant flow of waves and the ever changing dynamic flow of waves. Different sizes and shapes, depths. Heavy texture relief on canvas with various colour combinations to create vibrancy.

The series depicts a variety of base colour tones including copper and white, Black tones also feature in the ever changing series of works.

Jay’s inspiration for the works comes from the thought provoking motion of the sea and water. The fluidity of water and the power of water to change an environment.